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After being recommended by several close friends to shop at Gardner-White, I finally decided to make a purchase. After viewing the website for a few weeks, I finally narrowed down furniture to my liking.

I went into the Canton, Mi location (January 22, 2017) and decided to purchase the Vulcan Bedroom set with the FREE 32" Insignia TV. And I also purchased the warranty, because I was sold on Tony Ventrella and Micheal Lamb. A week later (January 28, 2017) I received the bedroom set and opened the bed first, which looked great and was defect free. As I began to open the box for the chest and the dresser, I noticed several issues, (loose backing, peeling, missing screws, etc).

The following day (January 29, 2017), I called the Canton location to report the problems and they referred me to the corporate office, which I spoke with a "Marquita". She set up an appointment for the technicians to come out the upcoming week to replace/repair the damages. I had requested for them to come out after 3p.m., when I would be home, but they came out during the A.M. When i got home, I noticed the replaced furniture was also damaged.

I called immediately and spoke with Marquita , who informed me someone would not be available until February 13, 2017. when the technician came out and saw the damages, which would not be repairable, (the holes for which the screws went in, were stripped and the bottom of the dresser was peeled away). I expressed my disappointment and proceeded to the Canton store to see what could be done. I was told by the store manger, John (Very professional and I would definitely continue to patronize if I dealt with him) the District manager, Jeff Ballard only authorized a store credit which I didn't understand because I didn't finance and the damages were not of my doing.

I also did not want to settle and pick furniture that I did not like. So after expressing that, I was referred to speak with corporate. I once again spoke with Marquita Moore, who informed me, after conferring with Jeff Ballard, that I could get a refund, but it would be less the amount of the television, which the charge is around $262. She stated this was due to the policy even after I explained the television was not open and I thought it was free.

I was also told the warranty was non-refundable even though the furniture would be returned. When I asked to speak to the district manager, I was told he was in a meeting and that she held the same authority as he did and there was no other manager available to speak with. I was shocked she held the same authority as the District manager so I proceeded to ask her questions that I wanted to ask Jeff Ballard, but she would periodically put me on hold or continue to insist it was store policy. After I asked was Jeff available she stated he left for the day, after she stated he works until 6p.m.

(it was 5:01pm). Then she said he was still in a meeting. I then asked her why did she feel the need to lie and it was unprofessional and very uncool. She said she felt she should not have to go back and forth with me after she told me that was the policy and nothing was going to change.

I feel taken advantage of by these representatives of Gardner-White with the exception for the Canton store representatives. I know if they wanted, they could make the situation right, but they choose not to do the right thing. I feel like the information and reason given referring to their policy is a way to keep some of the consumer funds. I feel like this is a technical way of stealing from consumers.

I also feel that Jeff Ballard could have handled the situation instead of hiding behind the customer service representative. The customer service representative named Marquita Moore, in my opinion, stepped outside of her spectrum of duties, and was some what rude, making the situation worst than it should have become. All that I am asking is to be reimbursed for the amount of the purchase, being that the television was stated to be FREE and they can have it back. Oh, and Best Buy actually sells that television for $129.99, so why is there an up-charge more than double the selling price (which is very close to the restocking fee price); which I was told I was not being charged.

I offered to bring back the television, for it is in the original state in which I received. I am very bothered by how this entire situation is being handled and disappointed as well. All that I ask is to refund my correct purchase amount.

I have no issue with returning all merchandise, including the warranty kit, which I do not need for I will not have the furniture. This first time shopping experience with the Gardner-White family leaves me stumped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gardner White Furniture Vulcan Wood Furniture Set.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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The biggest mistake I made was purchase stuff from Gardner-White not only the employees are just horrible and they just want to make money everything that you do is unprofessional they have the worst furniture and I was told not to buy furniture from Arvin from one of the employees over there and one of the other employee was a total sex is he didn't want to speak to me he want to speak to my friend who was a guy he thought the guy would pay more money after so many phone calls after phone calls they just never care to deal with me or with anything that I had to say they would hang up the phone in my face they would never return my calls it's all Bs and I hope nobody ever shops there at Gardner-White if you guys want to be satisfied they're not going to satisfy you guaranteed so donut shop at the one also at 14 Mile mound completely horrible service in horrible workers and I will never in my life shop there again hopefully I can sell my stuff because they would not return them and every time I call those say they don't have my stuff in stock but they would take insurance money at any given day but they'll never help you out with your situation sorry for all the misspelled words or whatever I'm just a little bit angry and frustrated I just got off the phone with them they're the worst people the worst company and I hope Gardner-White shuts down

to Marilyn514 #1486822

Wow. That has to be the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen."donut shop at the one also at 14 mile mound". Hahaha!

Plymouth, Michigan, United States #1319011

Very typical of the low end chains that sell furniture.

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