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My parents bought my family a new couch, love seat, and minni mouse chair. This was less then a year ago.

They paid for 5 years of insurance on all 3. So I called to have it cleaned and I have maybe 5 very small stains. When I say small I mean a pea is HUGE compared to them. The guy came out with a rag and a spray.

He was rude to me, and told me there was nothing they can do for me. So we called back up there to ask why did we pay for insurance? We got two different stories. One lady said they have machines ect.

The other said they have nothing and can do nothing. So we called a manager. Two days later we get a return call. He goes on to say he looked at pictures and my furniture is absolutely ruined, abused and gross.

He also said my insurance has been voided because he feels my furniture is destroyed. My furniture is no way destryoed! It needed a few tiny stains removed. The insurance they sell is a scam!!!!!

They say no stains are a accident. As if people just go around and pour stuff out on their furniture because its fun. This is complete *** and a rip off! On top of they're rude and act as if they're better then you!

I will tell everyone I know to NEVER buy ANYTHING from there. I may even call the Fox 2 problem solvers so everyone can know what a scam and LIARS they are.

O also they said when you have 5 year insurance plan, if you have 3-5 stains called in then you are abusing your furniture and will automatically be voided from the insurance you paid for. They have some nerve if you ask me!!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of being lied to about their warranty. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "can't use my paid for insurance. rude people." of gardner white furniture furniture protection plan. Gardner White Furniture needs to "clean my furniture as my insurance says you will" according to poster's claims.

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