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My husband and I purchased a supposed to have been leather chocolate sectional couch with two recliners and the other part is a let out bed. The first time we ever used the sofa bed, it did not work and folded up with my mother in it.

The recliner portion of the sofa is peeling very badly and now I am seeing small rips in sections that noone sits (on the back part of the recliner). We purchased what we thought was a protection plan to cover these types of things but when I called they said that it does not cover peeling and for someone to come out and look at it will be a 50.00 service charge and if it can be fixed, we will be responsible for that as well. I havenever known REAL GOOD QUALITY LEATHER to peel. PLEATHER YES BUT NOT LEATHER.

I honestly feel like Gardner White is a rip off and I encourage anyone to look else where and let this compnay be your last resort.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gardner White Furniture Protection Plan.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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We had the same issue with our leather furniture (2 sofas, chair, and ottoman). We even bought the extended warranty but Gardner White would not honor it. I have bought many pieces of furniture from bedroom to living room and I will NEVER shop there again.


I'm sorry to hear you are having a concern with your merchandise. Gardner White offers a 1-year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Based on the complaint I am unable to determine the age of the product.

If the merchandise is within the 1 year manufacturer's guidelines please contact any of our stores to schedule a service appointment. We are very sorry to hear to you are having concerns with the merchandise.

Thank you,



I just purchased a Camelot sectional that reclines. Am I in trouble?

I just placed the order today. Thanks for any feedback.

I buy everything from GW and have always been pleased with my products. Now I'm nervous.

Stevenage, England, United Kingdom #218659

Kim thank you for responding but I am having no such luck with your company. I havebeen calling Gardner White since 2009 about my concerns that I have had withmy purchase and each time I have been routed to Guardsman.

I was never given the oppurtunity to utilize a manufacturer warranty on this defective product. Clearly you can see from the pictures why I am so upset by this. To look at this daily is disturbing and when I have guest over and they ask where we purchased this mess, it does not do good advertisement for your company. My husband and I paid $2359.99 for this camelot set and we should be having this problem so soon after buying.

Because of the havoc I am having, I feel that the only other alternative we have is to take the photos to an attorney and try to seek some type of resolution to this through the court system. It saddens me to think that a company as large as this one does not promote customer satisfaction.

I called the local store just yesterday after reading yourpost and one employee directed me to guradsman at first and then she said she spoke with a salesperson and they told her that guardsman can notdo anything about the peeling issue and for me to look in the yellow pages for someone that repairs leather. I called again and spoke with someone else and she took my sales order number, telephone number and stated that someone will give me a call back and just like I expected, no return call!


I apologize that you are having a concern with your furniture. Gardner White offers a 1-year warranty against manufacturers defects. If the merchandise is found to be defective because of a manufacturing concern we are always happy to take care of it. The additional warranty that you purchased is an accidental insurance. In the event you accidentally damage your furniture, then this policy would kick into place. If you have a manufacturers concern we ask that you contact our store and we would be happy to schedule service.

Thank You,


Gardner White Furniture

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