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We went to Gardner-White to furnish our new apartment. We furnished a living room, dinning room, and bedroom totaling close to $9,000.

When it arrived a night stand was damaged and the posts to the headboard as well. They agreed to bring the pieces back the following day. Also our entertainment certain did not arrive with no explanation. After talking to the store they informed me that they did not have any more of that style and could refund our money.

The men did not set up everything properly because they seemed in such a hurry. Upon them leaving I noticed some scratches on our table and some defects with the dresser. I called the store again and they said they would send someone out because all pieces should arrive in perfect condition. A guy came out the next week and said that the store could do nothing and we had to go through the warranty company.

After weeks of hearing we don't have it in stock or just not showing up we finally got the bed posts and second nightstand. So we paid cash for all this furniture a month in advanced, then it took 6 weeks from our original delivery date to receive all the pieces, and we still have defective pieces.

Some of which I noticed today while putting the knobs on my dresser. I am very disappointed and I will never order from them again.

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I apologize for the problems. This is not acceptable.

I can't respond to an anonymous complaint. If you email me at barb@gardner-white.com.

I will personally take care of the issue. As a VP of Gardner-White for over 30 years I take this very seriously and will do what it takes to correct the situation.

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